Desktop / Mobile BTC Notifications:

Alerts even when browser is running in background.
Use other apps or close site.

Bitcoin Alerts via Messengers:

Click below to open our bot. Say 'Hi'

BTC changes in Email:

One Bitcoin equals 4175 USD

What is Bitcoin?

How to use

Push Notifications

The latest browser tech. Just type in a number and 'Stay Informed'.
Does NOT need the site open, just the browser in the background or minimized.

On Messengers
  • Click on any of the above Messenger links to chat with bot
  • Type 'Hi', Type a number to set the percentage.
That's it!
Whenever the price of Bitcoin changes by the chosen percentage, messages will be sent.

Via Email:
  • Fill the above Email form, set a percentage and receive price alerts on email.
Visit, see price auto update.

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